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  • Date: 01/30/2020 09:30 AM
  • Location Israel (Map)


Relevant Information of Border

On January 30, EL AL Israel Airlines announced that it will temporarily suspend direct flights between Tel Aviv, Israel and Beijing, China from February 1, 2020 to March 25, 2020. Hainan Airlines’ China-Israel route is expected to close until March 28.

Israeli Health Minister Yaakov Litzman has called for those who have recently returned to Israel from China to be quarantined at home first. Everyone is responsible for public health and everyone should be involved in efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.

On February 1, the Chinese Embassy in Israel issued a bulletin on the implementation of immigration control measures by the Israeli government.

On February 2nd and 4th, Dai Yuming, the temporary ambassador to the Israeli Embassy in Israel, held a press conference on issues related to the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection and pneumonia. "China has taken the strictest and most comprehensive preventive and control measures out of the importance it attaches to the safety and health of its citizens, far exceeding the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the requirements of the International Health Regulations. China's efforts are Safeguarding the safety and health of the Chinese people is also contributing to the global public health cause. "" We attach great importance to the safety of foreigners in China, notify the institutions in various countries of China through various channels, and solve their difficulties. "

Chinese in Israel contribute to China

To help protect the novel coronavirus, Israeli overseas Chinese and patriots also took part in the operation. On February 1, Hainan Airlines flight hu7958 arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport. A total of 300 cases of rescue materials, such as masks and protective clothing donated by Israeli students and Chinese in Israel, were delivered back to China free of charge through the "green passage" flight of Hainan Airlines.

The Israelites are doing their part. “We stand with China’s people and government  facing the CoronaVirus crisis. Continue to stand strong!” Israeli diplomat Yuval Rotem said.

With the efforts of Israeli industrial and commercial enterprises and NGOs, the first batch of emergency medical supplies collected by Israel for Wuhan epidemic area have boarded the flight from Tel Aviv to China on February 3 and will be delivered to Wuhan as soon as possible. It is reported that this batch of medical supplies will be delivered directly to the Ministry of health of China.

The Chinese Embassy in Israel issued a media statement, saying “a large number of Israeli friends showed sympathy and solicitude for the embassy and expressed support for the Chinese people's efforts to fight the epidemic. China expresses sincere thanks for this.”

Take measures against the COVID-19

Israel is preparing for a new coronavirus outbreak. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has instructed the Israeli Institute of Biology and the Ministry of Health to quickly begin research and production of a vaccine against the new coronavirus, while establishing a vaccination network. Companies in the Israeli biomedical sector is also currently working on the development of anti-virus related medical devices and technologies.

“Lands apart, sky shared.” We believe that with the joint efforts of China and Israel and the world, this virus crisis can be contained in time.