On 18th May 2017, sponsored by Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou, China-Israel Joint Concert was held in Grand Hyatt Hotel Guangzhou in Zhujiang New Town, celebrating the 69th Independence Day of the State of Israel and the 25th Anniversary of China-Israel Diplomatic Relations. Israel Commerce Union was invited to this Event.

  • Date: 05/18/2017 12:00 AM
  • Location Guangzhou (Map)


As early as in 1948, through Israeli Declaration of Independence, Israel gained independence from British colonial domination. This year has marked the 69th year that witnessed Israel striving for its full sovereignty.

In 1950, the State of Israel had the first recognition of the People’s Republic of China in Middle East and formally established China-Israel ties in 1992. Since then, the two countries have cultivated extensive cooperation in various fields.

To celebrate these two well-timed anniversaries that coincided with each other, Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou held the joint concert between China and Israel, sending invitations to Chinese and Israeli people from all walks.

Guests registered their attendance at 6 pm and the event began at 6:45pm. At the beginning of the ceremony, the national anthems of both countries were played, amid which all guests stood and saluted with eyes.

After the anthems were finished, Mr. Nadav Cohen, Consul-General of Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou, made the remarks. He firstly warmly welcomed all the guests and then talked about the bilateral pragmatic cooperation since the establishment of the two-side diplomatic relation.

In recent years, the two great nations have reached unprecedentedly high-level collaboration on fields like trade, tourism, medical care, academic research, technology development etc. The total trade volume between the two countries has surpassed $11 billion.

China, an almost universally acknowledged world center of manufacturing, is rarely regarded as a center of innovation. “Made in China” is typically rather impressive to the public than “Designed in China” and “Created in China”. The State of Israel is a state of innovation, by which the concept of incubator was raised. Thus, we can say that the need of bilateral cooperation literally stems from the common needs of both sides.

Plus, with the growing friendship between our two peoples and under the new visa policies that grant Chinese citizens a 10-year multiple-entry visa, the number of Chinese tourists that are interested in Israel is soaring. As a new record, in 2016 nearly 80,000 Chinese came to visit Israel, with a 66% increase compared with 2015.

Following Mr. Nadav Cohen, Mr. Chen Yunxian, party member of provincial government and former governor of Guangdong Province, took the floor. Subsequently, the two proposed a toast celebrating the beginning of the ceremony.

Afterwards, Mrs. Limor, Consul of Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou, shared the perspective of Jews on China, expressed her fondness of China and listed some realities of Israel that few Chinese know about, which contributed to people’s further understanding of Jews.

In fact, there are numerous facts about Israel, the great nation, that we don’t know yet. For instance:

1.Jerusalem is the world first city that has Wi-Fi across the whole land.

2.U disk, a common product easily seen on our table, was invented by Israel.

3.Israel is the only one state of Jews in the world.

4.Mobile phones were developed in Motorola Israel which contained the world largest research and development center of Motorola.

5.The first anti-virus software was developed by Israel in 1979.

6.The desert area has taken up 60% of the total land in Israel, the only one country whose green area has been increasing with years.

Following Mrs. Limor’s speech, a group of children in white ceremonial robes came to the stage, with girls garlanded with flowers and boys wearing a crisp white shirt and tie, just like many wonderful little angels.

Some angels come from China, some are from Israel as well as some kids of Chinese-Jewish parentage. They were waving the national flags of China and Israel and singing songs. Behind them there was a slide show presenting photo narrating the great suffering and later rising prosperity of the Jewish people. Everything did touch each person at present dispense with the need of word and language.

An offbeat piano show marked the end of the event. It was jointly performed by Israeli pianist Yalong Kohlberg and Chinese pianist Mr. Li Yanqiang, including delicate four-handed pieces, acting as a real feast for ears of the guests at present.

After the concert finished, a buffet dinner was served. The Israeli featured food was various and savory, which all the guests savored with joys and sang their praises for. At this point, the activity brought to a successful full close.

We vow eternal friendship between China and Israel.

We are expecting Jews people to spare form suffering.

We hope peace perpetuates itself for ever in Israel.