Bridging your success with our advantageous local know-how. Based on sufficient proficiency of Chinese and Israeli market operation, ISCU provides a detailed market research tailored to your requirements. Our consulting service will assist you in evaluating potential business partners, providing practical market insights and professional recommendations in the form of specific action-points to move forward with.

Part of our services including:
• Market Research
• Business Consulting
• Targeted Customer Contact and Follow-up
• Business Meeting Assistant

For Israeli side, ISCU assists Israeli companies especially startups looking for the best solution for entering the Chinese market:
• Seek for local investor/distributors/partners
• Sell equality or technology to China
• Establish Joint Ventures
• Set up a new operation in China

For Chinese side, ISCU offers our Chinese partners with full support in scouting their required Israeli technologies:
• Technology Scouting Service
• Due Diligence Service
• Document Translation and Meeting Interpretation
• Business Investigation Trip in Israel

With our deep knowledge of different technology sectors and wide connections in Israel and in China, we offer the best platform for both sides to meet their goals.
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