Jerusalem Day:Reintegration of the Holy City

Jerusalem in Hebrew means “City of Peace”

But Jerusalem has been destroyed and reborn many times over the 3000 years

For fighting for the Holy Land, I don’t know

How many wars have happened since ancient times

Jerusalem has been razed for 18 times

Israel has made every effort to recapture Jerusalem

The return of Jerusalem is the rebirth of Nirvana for the people of Israel.

If a land has soul,

That Jerusalem is the soul of Israel

In 1967

Israel proclaimed Jerusalem Day a new national holiday

Which is the latest festival in the Jewish calendar.

The Israeli rabbi called the day "Thanksgiving Day,"

In that day, people will read

“Song of the Red Sea” in the Bible literally

Praising God defeating the enemy of Israeli

And there will be great celebrations in Jerusalem

1、Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem Day celebrate in Lyar 28

(May 24, 2017)

For commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967

2、The Origin of Jerusalem Day

Six-Day War

May 5, 1967, Arab States took a lead in firing at Israeli

In the circumstance of severe military inequality, Israel launched a preemptive air strike

Early in the morning of June 5, Israeli warplanes flew at low altitude with terrain advantage, eluding radar, and raided air bases in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq.

June 6, Israel fully mastered the supremacy of the air

June 7 (Lyar 28th), Israel conquered Jerusalem, and after 19 years of separation of concrete walls and barbed wires, Jerusalem was reunified.

June 1967

Pictures taken by Israeli defense soldiers when they liberated the West Wall

The Government of Israel confirmed the Lyar 28th in Jewish calendar as Jerusalem Day

From 1968 on

3、Celebrations in Jerusalem Day

Parades music dance

During the festival

Grand celebration will be held

In Jerusalem

The event will begin in front of the West wall the day before sunset.

As a prelude, 18 firing torches will be lightened

To commemorate soldiers died in the battle to recapture the city

Followed by thanksgiving ceremony

The next day is a big crowd celebration

Parade of national flag is one of the climaxes

The men and women are dancing and waving the Israeli flag.

Through the old town to the west wall

When parade

You will see concerts everywhere.

Singers and bands will sing at the concert to bring the festive atmosphere to a climax.

In addition to the outdoor activities of the parade

Jewish students also celebrate Jerusalem Day at school.

After the march

Tens of thousands of people will gather and dance in the Wailing Wall to celebrate the day

Israeli officials and rabbis of Judaism

Will attend the commemorative event

In May 21,

A large-scale sound and light show is held outside Jerusalem's Old town,

Celebrating the arrival of Jerusalem Day

National holiday

In March 23, 1998

Government of Israeli announced Jerusalem Day as national holiday 

Although the festival is during the "Half Annals" period

All the relative bans will be suspended

During the day

4、The significance of Jerusalem Day

It is very important for the Israelis people

Because it is in that day

Israelis won back their home

So the day is a joyous day for the people of Israel.

“What is Jerusalem worth?”

“Nothing, Everything!”