Synthetic Data Platform and Specialized A.I. Algorithms

This Israeli IT company is a data factory for A.I. companies providing both synthetic data and best in class data labeling and A.I. as a platform and service. It focuses on the highest level of quality that A.I. companies require to scale their services. With deep connections to universities and industry experts, this project provides expert-level data annotation and has completed millions of data annotations as well as complex synthetic dataset, and API's for fast growing start-ups and Fortune 100's in the field of retail, agriculture, medical, security, and industry 4.0.

According to Gartner's forecast, the global A.I. market will exceed $5 trillion in 2025, with a compound growth rate of 128% in 2017-2025, and will experience phenomenal growth in the next few years.

Technology Introduction

Training A.I. vision algorithms takes millions of labeled images and or videos. This project will take 2D / 3D images, blend with 3D models database and then create photorealistic virtual worlds that it controls. It provides ready-made tagged data to train your A.I. and end solutions. Easily deploy customizable video analytics over existing CCTV cameras.

The corporation has also labeled and annotated more than five million images and videos in sectors including medical, automotive, security, agriculture technology, drones, satellites, and retail. The company's labeling service provides annotations for natural language processing, pixel-level segmentation, bounding boxes, tags, and other methods.


  • The A.I. team using the project platform can easily create 100,000 tagged images in less than a day.
  • Since the data is generated from 3D models and mixed images in real life, the data is accurate to the best pixels. No more worrying about data accuracy.
  • Each model and camera angle can be modified-just touch it to change: lighting, texture, camera angle, scene type, etc.
  • Everything is accessible via the cloud-the A.I. team can create their own datasets from users’ existing data and the project’s powerful library of available 3D surreal models.

Technology Demand

The project is looking for strategic partners and investment support. 

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