Solutions for Vaginal Dryness and Cervical Cancer

This project developed a unique polymeric composition that serves as a drug delivery system specifically designed to work through the mucosal tissue such as gums, eyes and vaginal tissue. Its polymeric matrix can lock and gradually release desired medication directly to the problematic areas that require treatment. Its polymeric film serves as a vehicle for any active ingredient and delivers it through tissue directly, effectively and in a controlled manner.

The female health needs and reproductive health constitute globally over 2 billion persons market. Over a half of the world’s female population suffers from various gynecological conditions, including cancer, bacterial, viral and fungal infections and over 75% of women around the world of menopausal age experience chronic and acute vaginal dryness that affects them both emotionally and physically, impairing their day-to-day lives. Current solutions available on the market are ineffective and inadequate in treatment of chronic conditions due to the transient release of active ingredient.

Technology Introduction

This project’s smart, single-use, biodegradable adhesive film is inserted on the transmucosal tissue and a controlled system releases the active ingredients, such as medicines, antibiotics, hormones, vitamins and similar treatments, in a prescribed programmed dose over a set time period, ensuring continuous release. This film became a basis of two unique products in the pipeline:

One product is based purely on the unique formulation of bio-adhesive and biodegradable polymers, in the revolutionary way targets vaginal dryness. It consists of convenient lubricating film that turns into gel under friction helping to keep the vagina moist during sexual intercourse and throughout the day, by mimicking natural secretions of the vagina.

Another product developed with the cooperation between this company and the largest hospital in Israel. Its treatment consists of polymeric film that delivers a unique and patent protected RNA molecules

The Market

The female health needs and reproductive health constitute globally over 2 billion persons market. There are currently no direct competitors on the market, and these products are designed to address the shortcomings of existing solutions on the market.

Technology Demand

This project hopes to cooperate with Chinese pharmaceutical companies in technology licensing and other aspects, and to conduct Phase II clinical trials in China.

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