Smart Waste Management Systems for Municipal Waste

This project is an IOT company that focuses on smart waste management systems for urban bins. Its vision is to lead the future of smart waste management, improve quality of life, minimize costs of waste disposal and make our world a greener place.

According to the statistics of urban garbage released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of People’s Republic of China, the annual amount of urban waste generated in China has exceeded 200 million tons. The recycling of municipal waste is an effective way to recycle waste and protect the environment. Waste disposal is a systematic project, including four steps of placing, collecting, transporting and processing. In China, the collection and transportation of municipal waste consumes a lot of money which puts enormous pressure on government finances.

Today, traditional inefficient fixed-point waste collection methods cost hundreds of billions of dollars a year. In addition, this inefficient waste collection program has made noise and environmental pollution caused by garbage trucks increasingly prominent. Smart waste management systems are deadly needed.

Smart Waste Management System

An Israeli  IOT company developed a Smart Waste Management System, which monitors the urban bins using a unique, low power and cutting edge technology. GreenBin offers machine learning solutions, provides daily route planning suggestions and predicts future waste disposal patterns.

Core Technology

Low energy Sensor

Its smart device is super-efficient, smart and low energy IoT sensor. The device using LoRa communication, adjust for harsh environment in the garbage bins.The sensor measures the bin fullness status and sending it to the cloud for optimization. 

Smart Optimization System

 Its IoT server-less system technology and high ability to analyse big data from every garbage bin, and then optimize the procedure of waste collection.


The solution monitors capacity in the bin based on real-time data transmitted from the bin, thus reducing garbage overflow and beautify the environment. After the data is analyzed, this solution can plan the best garbage collection route for garbage trucks, and based on the automatic analysis of the monitoring data, accurately predict the amount of garbage in different areas and optimize the distribution of the garbage bins. In addition, the program can greatly reduced the frequency of garbage collection, times and quantity of using garbage trucks, by this way saving fuel, reducing carbon dioxide and noise emissions, labor costs and related maintenance costs. This solution can save 30%-50% cost of waste disposal.

Projects Need

This project aims to raise $500,000 in Chinese market. Besides, it also want to cooperate with Chinese strategic partners and investors penetrating in Chinese market.