Scent Recognition Technology

Voice and face-recognition allow us to interact with products and services in previously unimaginable ways. This project is adding scent recognition technology to this new way of interacting with devices.

There is a wide range of scent recognition application areas including automotive( offending smessl in autonomous car and toxic gases from car materials), security (Identify people based on skin scent and drug smuggling detection), environment (prevent burnt food when Cooking; molds in damp places; maintenance alert for public toilets), healthcare (screening for viruses; early cancer diagnosis from breath) and consumer (select perfume based on body scent profile.; improve nutrition based on feces scent) . Besides, Total estimated markets for scent recognition applications are valued at $4.8 billion.

Core Technology

This project is developing a smartphone app that, used together with a chip called a “scent recorder”, can determine users’ scent profile and help them select products, e.g., cosmetics, perfumes and soaps, best suited for them. Its core technology comprises of proprietary chemical sensors and machine learning algorithms.

This project has 3 years pipeline deals experience, which created value over $13M. With a waide moat of IP, now it focuses on consumer wellness & health markets:

Home-care scent application

  • Human microbiome is a mega-trend, it is expected to reach $899 million by 2025, growing at CAGR of 21.1%.
  •  The gut microbiome provides millions of personal data points, though is too expensive for daily home monitoring.
  • Scents recognition of the gut activity (feces) is a simple and low cost way to measure changes on a daily basis, providing insights for improving health, nutrition and fun.

Fem-care scent applications

80% of the household health spending is done by women. Working age females spend 29% more than males on healthcare.

  • KASHA: Helps mothers relax after birthing by understanding their babies feces and urine.
  • TLT: Updates women on their fertility cycle based on urine scent.
  • SKN: Tells people to freshen up by objective body odor measures

Project‘s Need:

Founded in 2017, the Israeli startup has a core team of 10 members, has received $2 million in seed round financing, and recently received $5 million in A Round financing. The project will futher its development in hardware equipment, and will establish production laboratories and commercialize products. The project is intended to find strategic partners in the Chinese market and seek to reach a partnership with Chinese consumer brands.