Remote and Offline Ultrasound Image Analysis

This company provides a new technology under development which will permit radiologists to inspect areas of interest off-line, based on recorded ultrasound scans. Allowing navigation as if the patient is there with the doctor, while all available information of the organ is visible to the doctor, even information that was not presented in the original scan.

Ultrasound is a real-time non-invasive examination that uses high-frequency sound waves to visualize live and functioning tissues inside the body.  Majority of ultrasound scans are done by technicians and being diagnosed off-line by the expert without the presence of the patient. A major drawback is the fact that the radiologist who determines the diagnoses is not the person who performs the scan. If the clinician notes something requiring a closer or different look, the opportunity to do so has been lost, which may lead to recalling patients for another ultrasound scan or to an additional unsafe exam (CT, MRI) and worse, misdiagnoses.

Technology Introduction

Providing the doctor more than just a set of images, and presenting a dynamic volume containing all the necessary information to provide diagnosis.

Workflow when working with this project:

  1. Patient is scanned in the hospital/clinic -- Video frames are captured from a 2D ultrasound device.
  2. The ultrasound scan is converted to this specialized technology and can be accessed from anywhere -- Frames are mapped to 3D volumetric data, which is applied with quality enhancement algorithms.
  3. This technology enables the doctor to remotely view and analyze the data as if the patient was right there – Radiologist use unique probe or by smartphone/PC mouse to acquire and visualize 2D planes from 3D data.


  • Offline remote diagnosis – Like in real time.
  • Viewing any angle and plane even ones that weren’t taken in the original scan.
  • Data can be accessed from any PC and Smartphone.
  • Data Sharing and Analysis.
  • Less mistakes.
  • Cost saving.

The Market

Ultrasound is a very common imaging tool, over 10 million Ultrasound exams are done weekly, and can be referred to as todays’ statoscope. It is fast, safe. The market for Ultrasound Software Analysis is growing rapidly, est. at $1.2B with a CAGR of 8.9%.

Technology Demand

The project is looking for Chinese strategic partners and investors with channel resources to put the technology into the Chinese market.

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