Real-time behavior predication

Project Introduction

This project is a real-time moment scoring system for maximizing in-app engagement goals. It uses state of the art artificial intelligence based modeling system to predict conversion rates based on the current user state. With its real-time moment scoring you can now target not just the right users, but the right users and right moments when they are receptive to your engagement goals. What’s more, it can automatically performs the best interactions to complete those goals. All of this is done autonomously, without intervention, yielding results which are manually unachievable. The  unique point of this project is that every moment is a combination of so many different parameters,and therefore is unique, most technologies fail to access the true potential of each moment.

Core advantage

This project uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically construct and optimize machine learning prediction models. This approach allows this project to construct and test more models that otherwise was humanly possible through regular data science teams. Since the entire model construction process itself is measured, then every cycle of running improves the overall algorithm by generating more data to learn from.

Current stage

This project works with thousand of Apps, where its main geographic focus is the Chinese market. To date, its solution is installed on more than 100M devices and helped to improve thousands of different KPIs. In 2017, this project experienced a dramatic growth and is low generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues. So far, it has gained investment of $700,000.

Business Model

This project works with a subscription as a service based payment model. Clients pay based on their monthly usage traction and the number of KPIs they wish to optimize.