Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test for Resistant Bacteria

This project is a diagnostic test that quickly checks bacterial resistance to antibiotics using a phenotypic approach involving micro-fluidic techniques and fluorescent-based analysis. The solution will be sold to clinical laboratories in the form of disposable cards and a fluorescent reading device.

The test offers same-day results to help doctors quickly determine the most appropriate antibiotic treatment for their patients, enabling shorter recovery times, preventing the spread of resistant bacteria into the environment, and saving healthcare costs by limiting prolonged hospitalization.

Technology Introduction

This project is focused on the development and commercialization of an innovative antimicrobial susceptibility test. The technology is based on a purely phenotypic approach and uses a micro-fluidic disposable test cartridge platform and method that optimizes bacterial growth. This disruptive development was born from exciting research discoveries at the lab of a professor who is the dean of a technion biomedical engineering faculty.

Technology Advantage

  • Faster
  • Less Errors
  • Cost Efficient,
  • Small Size

ONE DAY is the hospitalization time that this rapid AST is saving per patient。

A faster and accurate test on a micro-fluidic platform that will allow same-day results and cut healthcare costs.

Technology Demand

This project is looking for strategic partners and investment support.

If you want to cooperate further with the project, please contact info@israelcu.com.