Plant Protection APP based on A.I. Technology

This company leverages artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to advance the agriculture sector. It is a revenue generating technology firm that offers solutions to the agricultural sector, and it uses cutting edge technology to reduce pre-harvest waste.

The problem there is an increasing imbalance between agricultural productivity and the growing global food demand. There are approximately one billion people experiencing chronic food insecurity. Whilst, there is a shortage of crop protection experts who can aid farmers in overcoming problems that affect agricultural production. Pests, diseases, and nutritional deficiencies are responsible for yield losses of 30% of the global agricultural productivity, which results in annual losses of $300 billion. Failure to control diseases occurs due to misdiagnoses, late stage diagnoses, and lack of knowledge and access to solutions.

Technology Introduction

This project digitizes crop protection by leveraging and deploying propriety artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms. This company’s system aggregates data through use of its smartphone app. This app is available in 15 languages and has organically accumulated almost 130,000 downloads worldwide since its launch. Its users upload images of plants with suspected pathologies then receive responses from the artificial intelligence software and a community of agricultural experts. Within this app is a premium feature, it is an artificially intelligent global alert system in agriculture; it uses geographical spread and prediction models to monitor the spread of diseases and pests. The feature dispatches warning notifications, with written preventative measures, to impede infestations. This technology is amalgamated and interfaced with this company’s novel dashboard software for macro-level crop protection management.


This app employs affordable and common smartphones to interface farmers with an expert-level artificially intelligent agronomist. This app takes a new technology which is a deep learning-based computer vision algorithm that surpasses human capability due to common errors, such as inconsistency and fatigue, and contains the knowledge of numerous experts, not merely one. This app uses advances in modern technology which makes the solution automatic, immediate, and nondiscriminatory.

The Market

This project addresses a $71.3 billion market by providing a holistic solution for crop monitoring and by cutting the use of unneeded insecticides and fungicides.

Technology Demand

The project is looking for Chinese strategic partners and investors with channel resources to put the technology into the Chinese market.

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