Parental awareness app to make your child safe

Market Background

Nowadays, many Children have their own smart-phones and spend a lot of time playing with their phones. This makes protecting the children more complicated than ever before. And whether we should monitor Children’s online activity to protect them is a very controversial question. Without proper parental supervision, the internet has become a place where children are more likely to be victims of cybercrimes. Therefore, this project provides an innovative approach to online child safety that enhances parent-child communication. It learns the children's habits, detects problems, and immediately lets parents know when their kid needs their protection. what's more, its solution can balance between monitoring their child and giving them the freedom they need to thrive.

Technology Introduction

By monitoring their digital & real-life activities and providing real-time, actionable insights. This project draws parents’ attention at the right time, while preventing threats to their children is still possible. Its innovative tools use AI to build a unique behavioral profile for each child, and detects deviations that may indicate a threat. It’s a novel approach that dramatically reduces cyberbullying, harassment, and child exploitation without compromising children’s privacy.


  • Mood detection

Find out if your child is depressed, angry or stressed out. It detects children's mood by analyzing the tone of their phone calls.

  • Explicit content

Find out if your child has explicit content on their device. It alerts parents whenever it finds possible explicit content.

  • Daily routine updates

Be sure your child makes it safely to school and back home. It monitors children's normal routine and notifies parents when the child arrived or left safe places.

  • Child's location tracking

Know where your child is while they are out of reach and track their location in real-time.

  • Battery level

Monitor your child’s battery level. It will automatically send your child's location when their battery drops to less than 15%.

  • Unknown caller alerts

Keep track of who your child is talking to, and if they are receiving unknown calls that might be a threat.

  • Social media change

A dramatic change in social following is often a sign of cyber bullying. Be there to help if there are any significant changes in friends or followers.

  • Offensive texting

Find out if there is offensive language in your child's text conversations. It alerts parents if offensive language is found.

Advantages & Current Status


• Based on a combination of academic studies and advanced machine 3-layer learning algorithms. This project’s 3-layer analysis model understands how cultural and personal circumstances impact children’s social activity. Our proprietary algorithm accounts for differences in culture, age, gender and each child’s unique behavioral traits to better analyze each individual child.

• Provides parents with actionable insights instead of drowning them in distracting data.

• Respects children’s privacy. Parents get peace of mind and children get the privacy and freedom they need to thrive.

• The only parenting app that provides parents with comprehensive mood detection.

• Strong team with vast experience in technology, marketing and psychology.


Current Status

The app is now available for Android and iOS and has over 300,000 downloads. The app supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, French, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, and Spanish.

Market Size

Parents around the world with kids ages 6-14.

Project Need

  1. Funding of 10 Million USD for the purpose of expanding in regions like Asia and South America.
  2. Partnerships and collaborations with partners in China to distribute the project's technology in China.