New Technology of Active Solar Photovoltaic System

The project is an innovative active compact photovoltaic device, which can be used in off grid areas or suburbs with high population density, and can also provide energy for means of transport (trucks, ships), etc.

Fossil fuels continue to be a main energy source for our industry and economic, and 20 years of commercial PV panels usage didn’t change that situation. Traditional PV systems causes these problems: low efficiency, requirements of wide area, heating problem, air pollution, maintenance and recycling, which drops the number of possible clients worldwide and are limiting areas of PV application.

Technology Introduction

This project has many advantages as following:

  • More energy

Using of multiple panels oriented in different directions. All panels are working simultaneously and producing more electricity from the ground area (footprint) where traditional PV systems use only one panel.

  • Environment-friendly

Loss of output energy produced by traditional PV system due to dust could be equal to 30%. Vertical displacement of PV panels in this project and constant motion (rotation) reduce attachment of dust to PV panel surface. It also reduces the number of service cleaning.

  • High utilization

This project uses two ways to improve the fill factor for cells:

First - dropping the time when PV panels exposed to sun light

Second - there is constant motion of air (up to 1 m/s) around PV panels

And then, there is up to 90% for silicon cells in this project instead 70-80% in traditional PV systems.

This device requires less area, and it has longer span life, which is easy maintenance. It can make the world cleaner.

Technology Demand

This project is looking for strategic partners and investment support.

If you want to cooperate further with the project, please contact