New Technology for Improving Maintenance of Large Equipment

Identification of part number (PN) and serial number (SN) represent a significant loss of time during the production and the maintenance (MRO) processes of complex mechanical systems. For instance, production or maintenance of an aircraft engine requires to complete extensive inventories of SNs that are time consuming and generate numerous mistakes. Its re-assembly requires to access its documentation through PNs that are fastidious to retrieve.

Using image processing and deep learning technologies, this project develops solutions supporting MRO and production operators of mechanical systems with regular smartphone and tablets.

Technology Introduction

This project can solve many problems such as: HR intensive, frequent mistakes, time consuming and complicated operation.

The advantages of this project as following:

  • HR INTENSITY REDUCTION: One operator to complete the whole process
  • Data Acquisition

Capture of the number with a tablet or a USB endoscope

  • Semi-Automated Entry

The service offers its recognized outcome to the technician that modifies and validates it

  • Record

The review is sent to on a CSV format by email

  • REDUCTION OF MISTAKES OCCURRENCE: Lowered the probability of an error recorded through various features
  • Operability

One technician required

  • Optical Character Recognition

Semi-automated data pre-entry

  • Image Treatment

Improve readability

  • Saving the Capture

Easy double check

  • SHORTENING THE PROCESS: One empowered technician reduces the overall time-consumption of the process

  • EASY SETUP: Complete the whole process with simple tools

This SN only requires very standard and affordable hardware, a recent smartphone / tablet and a regular USB endoscope. Using this set up, this SN enables one technician to perform all the process of the entry/exit by himself in an optimized way. The technician is more efficient, and the risk of mistakes is reduced.

Technology Demand

This project is looking for strategic partners and investment support.

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