Mobile Content Delivery Platform Based on Visible Light Communication

This project is the developer of an innovative visible light communication (VLC) technology for mobile devices. Its proprietary LED-based optical tags can be scanned by ordinary smartphone cameras from more than 10 times the distance of QR codes of the same size. With their low profile and high visibility, this tag can seamlessly bridge the offline and online worlds by making real-life objects clickable from afar, which is suitable for a wide range of industries, including out-of-home (OOH) advertising and in-store retail.

Market Background

In the 21st century, with the gradual popularization of LEDs, visible light communication has re-emerged and new breakthroughs have been made. As long as there is light on the top of the head, in theory, whether it is transmitting data information, surfing the Internet, or making voice or video calls, or adjusting the switch of the IoT device, it can be easily realized, and with the ultra-high transmission rate, the application experience is far. Super WiFi and 4G network.

Project Introduction

This project provides a comprehensive mobile engagement platform based on three elements:

Its versatile machine-readable tags, a mobile scanner app and an online information gateway.

The optical tags serve as globally unique hyperlinks that render physical objects “clickable”, i.e. connected to the online digital world via a simple and quick scan from afar. In particular, it can turn any traditional or digital OOH ad panel, a display shelf or a store window into a mobile interactive hotspot that consumers can engage with from a convenient distance.

This project aims to leverage its optical tag technology to transform location-based marketing by allowing retailers and advertisers to add highly customized and fully tracked “Pull” experiences to their real-world marketing campaigns. Scan-to-learn-more, scan-to-purchase, scan-to-save, and scan-for-directions are just a few examples of our planned services.

Its visible light communication (VLC) technology enables off-the-shelf RGB LED components to transmit digital information to mobile phone cameras in a way that is imperceptible to the human eye (flicker-free). The optical tags can be made of a single LED bulb or a number of bulbs that are arranged in any form to create eye-catching shapes and logos. A typical OOH tag is a linear array of (typically 5) LEDs that integrates into the display's frame so it does not interfere with the display area.

Core Advantages

●Range             10X farther than QR code

●Versatility       Can come in any shape

●Visibility          In any lighting condition

●Multi-scan      Several tags in one scan

●Unique            Singular identification

●Secure            Difficult to duplicate or alter

●Flexible          Content changes on-the-fly

Team Memeber

Amir, CEO

An accomplished entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in tech innovation. Most recently Amir co-founded and managed a cloud-based dental record management startup. Amir holds a PhD in Fluid Mechanics and an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University.

Nir, CTO

An algorithm expert with 18 years of experience developing communication systems. Nir spent the last decade working at the Israel Aircraft Industries, following periods at Intel and at an IDF’s cybersecurity unit. Nir holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering (cum-laude) from Bar-Ilan University.

Project Need

This project is seeking to raise an investment of $700K to support next 12 months of operation. The funds will be used to build the team, finalize development of products and services and to deploy about 250 outdoor BCs in a first pilot program.