Minerolized water technology

Israeli economically appealing and innovative solution to mineralize desalinated or soft natural water to the required by health authorities’ minerals content in according to international or national standards as well as to reduce water corrosivity preventing water infrastructure deterioration. It also can complement existing treatment systems to upgrade them to larger product rates at low cost and short time.

According to World Health Organization, 5%-20% of human necessary trace elements and minerals are obtained from water. The proportion of these elements in the water is basically the same as that of the human body, thus it can be absorbed easily by human body. And these trace elements cannot be replaced by those in food. While in China, only 50% of mineral water reached national quality standard. Questionable tap water quality, together with population health awareness and changing consumer lifestyle, strong demand for clean, and hygienic drinking water are the main triggers for bottled market emergence and are and will remain power drivers for its exploding growth at 20%-50% annually. 

This project brings to $250 Billion Bottled Water Market the disruptive solution to the most meaningful and multi – aspects problem, namely POOR BOTTLED WATER QUALITY, which deficient in vitally important for body nutrients Calcium, Magnesium and Bicarbonates.This problem is the inherent one for Purified Bottled Water, which is more than 80% of the total Bottled Water. Such water does not hydrate body, and people continue to feel thirsty, and even develop symptoms of dehydration: headache, weakness, nausea, etc.

This Project Technology vs Best Available Technologies (BAT)

Calcite Contactors, open to atmosphere pressure, downward and upward water stream configurations, operating with CO2 and granulated calcite is the most effective, efficient and feasible Best Available Technology on the Market.

The picture below depicts relative size of this projects’ Mineralizer -500 made of reinforced plastics vs a Calcite Contactor (concrete building) with the same water quality and daily product rate 100.000m3/day. Compactness of this project's Mineralizer is due to much more intense chemical processes realized in it resulting in x10-15 higher concentration of dissolved nutrients (Ca + Mg) vs Calcite Contactors.

Mineralization cost breakdown table presents substantial cost differences between the technologies. As the result the total Mineralization Cost is reduced by 50% if Calcite Contactor is replaced by this project’s Mineralizer.This Mineralizer can supply into water dissolved Ca only or Ca + Mg in required concentrations.


  • Modularity: mineralization systems of any size in a most economically way in comparison to any
  • BAT alternatives
  • Module sizes : 1500 m3 / day;5000 m3 / day;15000 m3 / day;50000 m3 / day
  • Low-cost infrastructure: compact installation, no concrete buildings are required
  • Support or replace Calcite Contactors in a new installation
  • Prefabricated equipment: fast installation and starting-up



This project developed economically appealing and innovative solution applicable for mineralization any kind and volumes of low-mineralization water in order to make it drinkable and to make it HEALTHY and to complying with international or national standards.

The process comprises fast and energy efficient water carbonation to any desired level, following by fast calcium and magnesium containing minerals dissolving to obtain desired calcium and magnesium bicarbonates concentration, and then- degassing of excess carbon dioxide which can be recycled. This project makes Bottled Water HEALTHY as the Best Mineral Water Brands, at any tastes fitted to local population taste, but at the price making its water affordable to all. Its water Mineralization Technology was developed to provide compact and low cost alternative to current bulky and complex water mineralization installations – Calcite Contactors and further – to mineralize water at smaller scales, including mineralization bottled water. 

The Technology Development Status

Conceptual Design, CFD modeling and simulation of all sub- processes; Lab pilots have been built and tested for all sub-processes; The entire process in batch configuration was tested on pilot at the project's lab for 10m3/h flow rate; Pilot installation for in-flow configuration is being designed.

Business Model

Its Business Proposition based on our Technology Licensing will be submitted to Prospective Customers / Licensees, who are Bottled Water Companies well established on local markets, and which wish to enlarge its share in the market.

Water Mineralization & Re-Mineralization Market

Mineralization facilities are an integral part of seawater and brackish water desalination plants, as well as surface and ground water treatment installations. Global cumulative investments in desalination plants reached roughly $21.4 billion in 2015 and should reach nearly $48.2 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.6%. Thus the global cumulative investments in re-mineralization at desalination plants only is estimated at with a compound annual growth rate more than 20%. Emerging desalination markets are China, India and USA.

The cost of re-mineralization installation at seawater desalination plant is estimated at 5 - 7% of a total cost of the entire seawater desalination installation, while in brackish water desalination plants the its relative cost can be as high as 15% and in Surface Water Mineralization installations – up to 50%. Global market volume of desalinated water re-mineralization is estimated above US$ 2.5B/y. And in China specially:

Revenues flow start – 11 months;

Breakeven Pont – at 14 months;

24 months – profit US$ 4M;

36 months – profit US$ 14M (at least).

Profit annual growth - 50% (at least) for 5 years from 3rd year and on, on Chinese market only.

Project’s Need


Strategic Partnership: Prospective Licensees and Industrial Companies which are well established in the relevant market niches (Water Treatment companies, Home Appliances Companies, etc.)

VCs active in the cleantech/water

Private Investors willing to be active in the Company management


The project is looking for US$ 600k to US$ 1.5M.  funding to perform following tasks:

Patenting: to prepare and apply for at least 4 main/umbrella patents.

To build and validate industrial-scale Pilots:

- Re-mineralization desalinated seawater;

- Pilot Line for production Mineralized Healthy Bottled Water (without the bottling);

- Home Healthy Water Maker.