Innovative Edutainment Project

This project is dedicated to provide a better education solutions for current education system by edutainment. Using unique educational kits, method and edutainment message to teach children and teenagers the basic science technology and application of engineering, physics and mathematics in a easy-understanding and fun way. And finally help children and young people to develop ability to recognize opportunities among mass information.

Market Background

In today’s world where knowledge and information are growing exponentially and are easily accessible, students need to build capacity and skills in order to gather the correct tools to process pieces of information, to analyze and execute a plan, and going after their goal. This ability will serve them along their lives, will enable them to adapt easily and quickly to the fast changes of our changing world, and thus, will guarantee their personal development as well as their nations social development and economic growth.

Project Introduction

The usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) workers, who will also be a significant participant in the global economy,which will help to increase GDP. This project is aiming to lay the foundations for continuous economic growth and to provide employment for a new set of technology workers, who will enhance the level of innovation and expertise.By combining education, entertainment, and hands-on experience, students will grow their motivation and attraction to study engineering, physics and mathematics etc.

This project has an R&D team, and the main idea of developing programs for students is to demonstrate the scientific principles in an experimental way - through stories, demonstrations and through building models using this project’s unique kit. In order to build the models each child receives a manufactured especially for this purpose. Each session lasts between 45 to 75 minutes. The courses take place in kindergartens, schools,community centers and private centers. After extensive testing, it has been statistically proven that children participating in this project’s  programs achieve higher grades in all scientific subjects taught at school.

So far, this project has developed following programs for students in various ages:

Big builders

The Big Builders will construct 3D models using flexible parts. Students will receive kits complete with building tools and parts exclusively made by this project. These activities will gradually challenge participants in order to advance their fine and gross motor skills.

Bricks Challenge

Using stories and simple demonstrations to spark imagination and critical thinking. With the use of LEGO building blocks in conjunction with other tools and mechanical parts, its specially trained educators inspire youth participants while teaching theoretical and applied principles of science, technology, mechanical engineering and math (STEM).

Galileo Technic

Participants will be taught to use expert level engineering thinking, using math and physics to solve problems and build efficient machines. Using that professional engineering perspective students will learn to focus on identifying appropriate solutions for a given problem.


Course focuses on exploring the world of robotics from a professional engineering perspective. Special emphasis on programming solutions promotes the creation of sophisticated and accurate robots. This encourages the comprehensive learning of science, technology, mechanical and software engineering, and math (STEM).

Robo Bricks

Using LEGO parts and LEGO graphic programming to build robots, program participants learn software engineering, technology, entrepreneurship and math.  During each lesson, students will assemble a robot that will preform a predetermined task. Constructing these robots will develop each student’s ability to create computer algorithms and capability to implement those computed codes.

Team Member

Amir, Founder & CEO

An educator, entrepreneur, and mentor for worldwide for young entrepreneurs. Have a B.A in Finance and Computer Science from The Open University of Israel. Served as a consultant for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Idan, Head Of Analytics

Math, statistics, algorithms, data analysis expert. MSc in Financial Mathematics from Bar-Ilan University. Leadership on effective online marketing tactics, member acquisition, key performance indicators, expanding existing online marketing campaigns. 

Project Need

Has applied for patent in Israel and sales in 48 countries, and be endorsed by Harvard School of Education and the European Union Commission. Looking for partners in China.