Innovative Dye Solar Cell (DSC)

Project Summary

This project has developed the Dye Solar Cell (DSC), a third-generation, thin-film solar cell. The company produces solar modules of any color and for installation anywhere, even behind trees and structures that shade the module. Its DSC modules are also effective in occluded and low-angle light, generating more kilowatt-hours for each kilowatt of modules.

Market Background

So far, billions of wireless devices are powered by batteries which need to be replaced. And replacing batteries is costly in manpower and materials especially in hard to reach locations. What’s more, existing battery disposal is not environment friendly. Although PV can be considered instead of batteries, but for existing PV solutions, silicon performance is not sufficient for wireless devices under indoor light and shaded outdoor light. Compound Semiconductor III-V PV like gallium arsenide is efficient but much too expensive for wireless electronics.

Project Introduction

Therefore, this project developed a unique PV cell with high efficiency under indoor light and shaded outdoor light. And unlike batteries, this project’s PV never requires replacing for the lifetime of the device in which it is integrated. With scalable low-cost process, the PV cell size can be designed to the size of the customer’s wireless product from 5 cm2 to >200 cm2. And Range of colors available and transparencies are all available.

The following graph shows the big advantage of this project’s PV over silicon, whether crystalline or amorphous silicon. Its indoor efficiency is over twice that of silicon and this project is continuing to increase its PV performance advantage over silicon for indoor electronics.

Market  SIze

The market for the this projectenergy solution is very large and includes:

  • Smart sensors like thermostats and lighting sensors
  • Wireless surveillance cameras and security sensors 
  • Tracking devices and beacons 
  • Portable medical and sports devices 
  • Sensors for Agriculture 
  • Sensors for Aerospace 
  • Smart door locks 
  • Wearables 

Team Member 

Barry, CEO

Former senior positions at AVX Corporation and General Electric Engineer. Winner Kaplan Prize and Kyocera Corporation President’s Award B.Sc in Nuclear Engineering from MIT.

Dr. Jonathan,President

Solar energy, fuel cell and battery expert. Holds 56 patents in battery and solar energy. PhD. City University, London.

Nir, Head Biz Dev & product R&D

Expert solar energy, materials, interfaces, energetics, solid state physics and molecular electronics; MSc Material & interface science, Weizmann Institute.

Dafna, CFO

CA/CPA in Canada and Israel Over 20 years of experience in financial services in VC’s & High-tech.

Project Need

1. This project seeks to raise US$7.5 million for: 

  • Sales already started – must ramp Production!
  • Sales, Marketing, Operations expansion 
  • Ultra-thin product introduction in 2019
  • Perovskite R&D for wireless electronics 

2. Fast entry to largest electronics market – China