Innovative CMOS Image Sensors

Market Background

Machines need accurate and long distance 3D Vision ability, while current 3D Image sensors provide only partial solution or are very expensive. Therefore, this project has developed image sensors are accurate and cost effective, provide long distance and low power. And estimated market is about $40 billion in 2025 covering fields like robotics, which this project has started but also automatic Industry 4.0 etc.

Project Introduction

So far, this project’s CMOS image sensor-based chips are mainly used for laser LiDAR and spectral analysis.

CMOS image sensor-based chips for laser LiDAR

This project's cutting edge technology combines digital processing with analog units on the same chip, offering best-in-class performance, accuracy, high resolution, sensitivity, re-chargeability and portability. This project’s CMOS image sensor-based chips for laser LiDAR used BSI technology, which can improve pixel sensitivity by reduce reflection causing by metal. What’s more, its adjustable pixel guarantees its sensors wide applications.

CMOS image sensor-based chips for Spectral Analysis

Its spectral analysis sensor-based chips are ideal for:

Medical devices

This project’s chip offers high sensitivity and wavelength customization capability coupled with superior FAB technology. Its spectral analysis chip can identify markers of certain human diseases and abnormalities. For example, to detect skin disease with a spectral instrument, the reflection spectrum can calculate the chromatic values, analyze it and compare the findings to data from a reliable source to come up with the final prognosis.

Food industry

 Its low cost, highly sensitive and customizable wavelength variation spectral analysis image sensor-based chip designed to detect the slightest presence of chemical and substance traces. It can identify food contamination and toxic elements in food such as bacteria and measure the level of water content to determine decomposition. 

Competitive Advantages

Over 4X better in sensitivity : leads to much longer range of signal detection

Over 4X better in performance: 40000 Frame per second

The ONLY SENSOR IN THE WORLD that supports both triangulation and Time-Of-Flight (enhanced Time-Of-Flight)

Low power design – remove the need for expensive heat sink

Pricing: It sells its chips in 4-25X cheaper than alternative solutions

Project Stage

5 registered patents on eTOF technology

Received 2 times grant from Israel Innovation Authority

Mass production with excellent yield

Tens design wins that led to customers orders Lidar and VR companies

Start with Go-to-market via regional distributors (USA, Germany, China)

Invested by Chinese angels& Infore(Midea)

Project Need

This project is looking for investments to cover its run-up sales,expenses of R&D.