Brand New Anti-bacterial Nano Material

This project has developed a breakthrough, single-step, Sono-coating process, utilizing a unique physical phenomena called “Cavitation”, which eliminates the need for any chemical binders, thus greatly reducing the required chemicals in the coating process, all while allowing for a highly homogenize, high-performance coating. This project’s first application to the market would be an anti-bacterial, odor safe and sustainable coating, which is durable even to harsh industrial laundries.

Market Background

There are a number of antibacterial textile treatments currently available to hospitals and health care providers, but most agree that each comes with potential concerns typically related to durability, production efficiency or overall effectiveness. Although infection control in hospitals has greatly improved worldwide, there are still upwards of 3 million deaths annually attributed to infections acquired during a hospital stay. According to this project’s research, one in 10 patients throughout the European Union will get an infection while in a hospital. As bacteria become increasingly resistant to antibiotics, the hunt for new solutions is becoming increasingly urgent.

Project Introduction

This project has developed a technology that can transform any fabric into one that kills bacteria. And the technology permanently prevents the growth of bacteria on both natural and synthetic fibers, can prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections and can reduce cross contamination between patients and medical staff, helping reduce secondary infections. The treatment does not at all alter the fabric’s color or physical properties and the entire process is extremely cost-effective. In a hospital setting, for example, our technology can be used for introducing antibacterial characteristics to staff uniforms, patients’ pajamas, linens, blankets, curtains and other surfaces in order to significantly reduce morbidity and mortality and in parallel reduce hospitalization costs.

Its technology is based on a very unique single-step sono-chemical coating process, and the technological abilities allows to embed nano-particles onto any kind of substrate, in an irreversible manner, unable to leave the substrate.  Its safe and permanent defense technology works today. Its nano-coating layer is environmentally friendly. This project  is constantly researching to present more enhancements fire resistance, water repellence, UV, crease and stain protection and even ecectric conductivity. 

Core Advantages

  • Treat readymade fabric and not fibers
  • Can treat any kind of fabric: Synthetic/polymers, Cotton, Silk..
  • The coating process does not damage the fabric quality or alter its color
  • The embedded nanoparticles cannot leave the treated fabric
  • The antibacterial properties in the treated fabrics are extremely durable. Fabrics that underwent our anti-bacterial coating process have been tested and found to remain 100% anti-bacterial even after 65 washing cycles at 92 degree celsius and 100 washing cycles at 75 degrees celcius
  • The technology is a “green” and safe technology

Market Size

This project currently holds granted patents in Israel, the US, and the EU and holds patent pending requests in additional strategic markets around the world. The textile infustry is a growing business sector of over 1 trillion US Dollars.

Team Member

Eli, CEO

B.Sc. in Industrial & Textile Engineering as well as an M.B.A. in Financing & Marketing. Mr. Eli has 35 years of experience in textile and clothing industry management and R&D product development. He is also a senior lecturer at a College of Engineering & Design, and has been for 20 years.

Shuki, founder

He is a serial entrepreneur and capital market expert, specializes in merges and acquisitions and developing private and public companies. Successfully developed over 6 listed companies.

Liat, CTO

A Textile Engineer and MSc. Global Textile Marketing, has 20 years of experience in the textile and apparel industry working for leading global brands such as Victoria’s Secret in product merchandising, product development etc. both in the US and Israel.

Professor Aharon, VP R&D

Prof. Aharon obtained his M.Sc. from Bar-Ilan University, and his Ph.D. degree from Tel Aviv University, Israel. Prof. Aharon has published over 700 per-reviewed manuscripts in international journals, and has applied for 38 Patents. He was the Israeli representative to a committee of a famous EC globally scientific plan.

Project Need

Looking for investments to support production. And also look for strategic partners who are familiar with textile industry.