With its excellent experience of helping parties of various business projects communicate with one another,
And its professional personnel, ISCU has always been committed to helping create business cooperation between Chinese and Israelis, governments and private companies to achieve their goals.
Our personal approach to every case as individual project allows us the ability to match a customize plan for every new project.

Import division
Provide assistance to Israeli firms that want to import from China.
All along the way, part of the services we provide:
· Tracking and choosing the right manufacture
· Samples
· Manage Manufacture process
· Quality control before shipping
· Shipping air/sea
· And more

Manufacturing division
Manufacturing in China means the production of a new product, after this product has been established in plans, charts, a computerized model, or a prototype. These specifications are sent to the manufacturer, hencing the importance of continuous contact with the manufacturer in order to produce a product that matches the desired quality plans.

Business developments division
This division is focused on Israeli companies that located in china market as their goal.
A cooperation between our secretarial department and commerce department allow us to provide a full plan and platform to assist achieving client goal.
· Consultancy
· Market research
· PR plan
· Social media
· Translation/interpreter
· And much more
Commerce image