Find the good taste of Israel

In my memory of Israel, there are the seaside city of Tel Aviv, golden dome of the church, wailing wall of jews witch isused for religious worship, the capital of Jews with black clothes and hats and long braidsThose are the key words about Israel. Israel is full of fantasy and mystery, but this time what is out of my expectation is that we go to Israel to have a fantastic delicacy trip.

When arriaving in Tel Aviv, there are varies of resort hotels on the coastline, most of the hotles are located on the beach, and the location is perfect. So to speak, along the way of the coastline, it’s almost all resort hotels and beach club, here are Tel Aviv Hilton hotel, David InterContinental Tel Aviv, the Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton Hotel, Renaissance hotel and others, you can often see a hotel usually a few steps away.

Outside the hotel is beach, the men and women all on the beach are enjoying the sunshine, how ease are people in Tel Aviv? On the beach and in the swimming pool, basking in the sun, playing volleyball, padding, and sailing, there are all kinds of boats and yachts in the marina, only one sentence could describe this view “ Low-Key gorgeous”, and the male here only can be describe as one word “hot”, handsome young guys and muscle men are all here, their light brown skin reflection in the sun dazzled people. The seagulls flying in the sky, a distant Israeli flag fluttering in the wind.

There are only 3 things you need to do at Tel Aviv : enjoy the sunshine, be relax, eat delicious food. Even the world famous white house architecture city Bauhaus,youcan just take a look at it. Tel Aviv today is trendy and fashinable. By the way , a lot of celebrities choose to go here on vacation.

First of all, let’s know about this “city of white”— the Bauhaus buildings. Before you leave, you can first read these two books , <From Berlin to Jerusalem> and <Tel Aviv in one hundred to build urban history>. On the one hand, you can understand how religion affects people’s development, on the other hand, you can know the whole construction of Tel Aviv. This place has been influnced a lot by Germen. Including the Bauhaus buildings, it stems from Germany.

Glut your eyes

Find delicacy in old railway station HATACHANA

Take a train to the old railway station HATACHANA, it starts from 1892, after 1948 the country was established, this place was abandoned. It has been transformed to become a Tel Aviv’s creative culture center. There are all kinds of restaurants, original designer shops and select shops, different café here, plus the old station itself, making more young local people and foreign tourists gather here.

The art of cate


The trendy CLARO RESTAURANT located in the old stone buliding, a total of three floors, the design is so modern, the dishes are also very modern. The chef RAN SHMUELI are crazy about talking about cate, when asking about which ingrendint is his favorite? He said “ those are all nice,” after we keep asking, he finally anwsered “ tomato, very healthy and diversified!” the fashion is turning into the arts on the plates by him, he told us that he had visit a plenty of restaurants owned by loran shado and Michelin-sttared restaurant, whatever the trend is , the ingredient itself is the most important and essential part.

Modernist MESSA RESTAURANT, classic candelabrum, white curtain, this is the best FINE DINING restaurant in Tel Aviv, even in Israel. The restaurant is very popular with its traditional fine cuisine and modern cooking techniques. The main course of fish, meat is also mixed with the world, for example, they cook the steak into Middle East Barbecue, the fresh river fish in the style of Chinese stewed fish.

Exquisite vegetarian culture is creeping up here


In this city, some trendy vegetarian restaurants will make people be interested in vegetarian diet. Vegan Restaurant Zakaim, all for guaranteeing organic and circulation, not only the dishes. The decreation of this restaurant are mostly from VINTAGE second-hand furniture store, there is a enormous piano in the entrece of this dinning hall, bar counter and preparing counter are all bought from some cheap stores, chef HAREL ZAKAIM said “ Vegetarian is not only about never eating meat, it will change from all of your lifestyle, you will treasure all the resources and energy of your life, to protect them, to save them, it is just like that you can reuse something and reduce pollution to the environment, and a vegetarian diet is itself a reduced eating habit, you can reduce your own carbon footprint and the pollution meanwhile a vegetarian diet will improves the internal cycle of human’s body. All in all, it will bring a lot more goodpoints to you.


Another vegetarian restaurant is MISS KAPLAN, founded by two girls, one is chef, the other is a food critic. The cooperation of them made this restaurant a good reputation, in their opinions, vegetarian diet is more like a habit, they said:” Many people force themselves to be vegetarians, and this doesn’t make them happy from the bottom of heart. Rather than this, we suggest they should resume her eating habits ; However, the people who are real vegetarians make vegetarian a part of their lifes, that is a natural way of life.


KIMEL RESTAURANT is like a little magic treasure, you won’t have any ideas what you will discorver in this restaurant. Because everywhere maybe hide some surprise to you. There are tasty salad,fresh fish food, hard beef, roast chicken, and also spaghetii pasta and all kinds of dessert. You even don’t know what the restaurant owner is focusing on, are those colourful glasses? Or the food in the plates that you can’t tell their names.


MANTA RAY is a seafood restaurant with perfect place, The masterchef’s COOKING GLASS is unforgettable,  you can learn all kinds of seafood preparation, and that your cooking lessons starts from afternoon, before the dinner, you can watch the sunset while cooking in the best sea view. Before the dinner begins, you can view the most beautiful old city’s night from the beach.

Shopping in Tel Avivs old markets

There are two local supermarkets in Tel Aviv, one is like a hundred years old, and the other one is fashionable and new, those two embody the attributes of the city itself.


SARONA MARKET is very new, grew up with neighborhood SARONA.SARONA has changed over the past hundred years, eventually, it’s called the most modern neighborhood inTel Aviv, including high-rise buildings, arts centre, shopping malls, and entrepreneurship collections WEWORK. The vegetable market is also very modern, each season has a different promotion product to enrich the people’s life, cheese, vegetable, meat, candy, POPUP street snacks, and other more daily goods, liquor, as a result, whatever you want to buy you can find it here, by the way, this whole market is very contemporary.


CARMEL MARKET is lively, look for the earlist gate of the market, the time when the market has been built was visible, the old market of more than 100 years still radiates youth vigor. In this crowd market, the noises of bargaining and “yo-heave-ho” is always on your ears.

I firstly went to see HUMUS, the traditional local food, the sauce with hummus has different flavours, eat it with pastry, the species is countless, with eggs, chopped tomatoes,chili adding into it, but some are original flavour or add some spice. The local people here will order one HUMUS, dip it with pastry and eat a bowl of it for just a few minutes, I’m very envious.

After finishing the HUMUS, we followed the path into the market, passing by a shop that sells traditional spices, the old lady warmly put all kinds of spices on the back of my hand to let me try them, “this is best selling” “this is chef’s favorite” “that one looks vired on colour but taste good actually” ,once hearing her words, you have to buy some.

Traditional snacks are my favorite, the hot boys and the old men were yelling, showing us the traditional snacks of Israel. The local traditional food FATALE, is actually a meatball with hummus and different vegetable that was deep fried, you can dip the sauce to eat it or put it into pastry. Another one is very hard, just put vegetable and fried-dumplings in the fried pastry.

There is a super singer in the market, he owns a café and the coffee beans all made by himself which have a good taste.The most interesting thing is , he will sing a song spontaneously, even can be compared with Pavarotti.

Half solemn, half colorful

The <Talmud> writes” if the world’s beauty is perfect, that most part comes from Jerusalem.” I mean if you only had one week to travel here, maybe you could stay at Jerusalem for one more day, that is to say: 2 days for Tel Aviv, 3 days for Jerusalem, one day for dead sea. Certainly, if the time is longer, and you really want stay in Jerusalem, almost a whole month is quite possible.

The culture is solemn

The moment the car drove into Jerusalem,I deeply believe that this city must attracts a lot of people’s heart.

Jerusalem is a holy city, there are three religions here, every year countless pilgrims come here to make their wishes come true. There are Jewish wailing walls and the temple mount, Muslim domed mosques and al-aqsa mosques,and also the holy sepulchre of the Christian pilgrimage and the bitter way.

You can see a Jew in a black hat and a pigtail in Jerusalem, at every age. The old city Jerusalem, after thousands of years of change, walking in the old city, the scenery here is overwhelming. There are several districts in Jerusalem, and the Christian area is the largest, located in the northwest; the ghetto is in the south; the Muslim quarter is in the east, there is also the smallest area, the Armenian area in the southwest of the old city. All in all, It feels like reading different religious books after this trip.

The market is colourful

There also is a very famous market in Jerusalem named MACHANE YEHUDA MARKET, it is much more bigger than those two in Tel Aviv, the outdoor market and the greenhouse market are divided into two parts. The bazaar sells all kinds of Israeli snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds of daily necessities, the market is bustling with both locals and tourists, vendors are also holding out their hands and offering food to taste, both old shops and new shops are mixed in it.

You can hang on in the market for a whole afternoon, the buskers were singing with their heads shaking; There are many restaurants in one corner of the market, some friends were gathering together to chat while dringking and eating, this scene makes it lifeful in the sunny Jerusalem, and it is totally different with the serious religious in old city. The old city is very quiet after nightfall, the slightly quiet atmosphere and the yellow light, also make people a little bit careful and we don’t dare to stay. The dinner is in BRASSERIE RESTAURANT, a candied duck leg with oil seal made the night in Jerusalem sweet and long.

Taste the glory days of the past

The west bank of the Jordan enters the four sea, divide Israel and Jordan into two cities. The middle line of the four sea is the boudary point of the two countries.

It takes about two hours to drive from Jerusalem to the dead sea, the way to the west, the changing nature of the landscape has overwhelmed people. The high and low desert region, on the left is the Dead Sea and on the right is the steep landscape of the stone wall, the world's lowest waves hit the beach on the shore, the blue sea, The high concentration of salt bolted the shore to a deep shallow color, the layer is very nice to look at. This place is below the horizon 424 meters.

MASADA ancient city is a jewish resort and a world heritage site. It bears witness to the glorious history of Israel's ruling class, located in a rock to the top of the hill between 尤地亚沙漠 and the bottom of the dead sea. ENGDI is about 25 kilometers to the north, the east cliff is 450 meters high. 2000 years ago, Jews was attacked by Romen, The castle was the last castle to be left in the land after the fall of the jews. The old city is on the hill, It's about a few hundred metres along the cable car, nowadays there only left some mottled traces, There is a blue line between the old walls and the reconstructed city walls, the distinction between the whole city is obvious, bathroom, dining hall, uptown and something else, you can imagine how glorious the empire was and the castle that was built up here by people. The dirctor BORIS SAGAL made a film named after the castle, It tells the story of the jews who fought against the Romans.