Resort Town Beside the Red Sea

Facing the Red Sea, Sinai Peninsula of Egypt to the west, just 5 km to the Port of Aqabah to the east, it’s convenient to get to Saudi Arabia and Yemen on the south. Eilat is inlayed between Sinai Mountain and Edom Mountains just like a bright pearl.

It’s the country’s exit to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and also the lifeline voyaging to Africa and the Far East. With the splendid scenery of beaches, coral reefs and mountains nearby, tourism industry here is well developed.

Located in the broad Negev Desert, south of Israel, you can appreciate the unique seaside view in Eilat.

Different from oceans in tropical region or high latitude, it is a wonder that one side of sea is Gobi Desert naked of grass but the other side is blue and clear seawater. All the tourists would be lost in astonishment of such a great combination of the tan and pale blue color.

Seawater here is so emerald as a huge mirror and every tourist would admire each much-surprised color lump of the waves which darkens from the edge to the center. In this enticing draw you’ll see coral reef suddenly appearing and suddenly being hidden in the waves and several boats stopping at the shore.

Heaven of The Dolphins

As the heaven of dolphins, Eliat has a large number of dolphins. You’ll find it amazing to watch countless dolphins playing and chasing in the Dolphin Reef here.

Being human’s friend, these cute animals would be initiative to swim near people and even rub against your feet if you sit down at the bank and put your feet into the water.

More important, it’s the friend-like respect and protection dolphins can receive here that make Eilat the heaven of dolphins. The local government has forbidden people here to take dolphins to play commercial performance in explicit terms. Moreover, tourists are not allowed to feed them casually because strict diet is carried to dolphin’s health management.

However, you would get chances watching how the animal keepers feed them on the floating terminal. What’s more, diving enthusiasts could play and swim with baby dolphins underwater.

What if I can’t dive? Well, professional coach will give you a one-to-one training before tourists go diving and guide you by holding your hands during the whole underwater journey to guarantee your safety. Most important, remember you are not allowed to touch the dolphins. Though most of the time these lovely pixies would swim and say Hi to you.

Travel Tips

Be of Mediterranean climate, winter is the best season travelling here because temperature here is often over 40℃ in summer in consequence of being located in desert area.

There are three must-do things here and the first one is diving. You can not only dive and swim with the dolphins, the colorful and fascinating coral reefs here will also be the unforgettable things in your mind. It’s said that the best coral reefs over the world are in the Red Sea, and the best coral reefs over the Red Sea are in Eilat.

Two diving schools provide professional training courses in Eilat. Why not come and learn here with the dolphins and coral reefs surrounded? You’ll create a page of memorable experience of exploring the profound and tranquility of the ocean.

The second must-do thing in Eilat is to visit the aquarium. Over 800 genera of fishes live here freely. In 2015, the aquarium invested 26 million Shekei to build the largest Shark Aquarium over the Middle East, which provides a great chance for tourists to appreciate sharks of the Red Sea at close range.

While stepping on the 15m long underwater sightseeing tunnel, it seems like that all the tourists are walking in the ocean world and you’ll experience the feelings surrounded by all kinds of fishes swimming around you.

The third must-do thing is to go shopping. Being the only tax-free zone with 18% tax relief, the local products such as Dead Sea mud is much cheaper than any other places. Eilat is exactly the heaven of shopping. The picture below is the well-known supermarket and office park----Ice Park & Mall, worth to have a look.

What’s more, the developed tourism industry has attracted a group of five-star hotels. Impressed by the charming scenery and high level of accommodation you’ll forget to return. And you needn’t to worry about being cheated here because all of the star hotels here aim to provide first class services and bring tourists greatest enjoyment.

Evaluations from the netizen been to Eilat:

1. Sceneries in Eilat are amazing, and I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the Jewish. Out of deep religious conviction, each Jewish is so gentle, friendly and helpful. There was a time I turn to an old man for directions. He explained patiently and then planned to go back home and get his car to send me to the destination! You’ll fall in love with this place once you come, believe in me!

2. Dolphin Reef is really a great place! We could sit on the bank to see countless dolphins swimming freely and play with them underwater! AMAZING! We went on the morning, it charges 305NIS for one person, photos and videos taking services are both provided (with extra fees). Together with another 3 friends, we spend about 300NIS on a 10 minutes video, well worth experience. 

 3.Dolphins in the Dolphin Reef are not those who are in the aquarium but natural grown-up ones. You need to make reservations on the official website if you want to dive because the activity will only be held 5 times one day: 8:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm and 2:20pm. Otherwise we are not allowed to get into water but see the dolphins on the bank at a close range. It’s the one impressive me most in all the sights I’ve ever been. Must go again next time!