Discovering Israel’s Beauties


If God had bestowed ten points of beauty upon the world, he rewarded nine to the Jerusalem.

The Western Wall

Wailing Wall, also named Western Wall, is an important shrine for Judaism. The wall was originally erected as part of the expansion of the Second Jewish Temple. For thousands of years, when Jewish people drifting all over the world come back to Jerusalem, they all come to pray in front of this stone wall. They cry about the suffering of exile, which is the reason for its name” Wailing Wall”.

Follow me to the underground, touching the Wailing Wall in two thousand years ago.

The Western Wall Tunnels

The Western Wall we see in the tunnels, is the part that the wall extends from over ground towards underground. The Temple Mount was much higher than its surrounding ground in the early years. Since Muslim controlled Jerusalem, to enter the Temple Mount in a more convenient way, they have built new houses and streets so that the foundation can be raised and Muslim can enter without climbing stairs.

Now Western Wall Plaza contains the wall’s over ground part, and there is a relic of the Western Wall under the buildings of the ancient Moslem district.

The Temple Mount

Jewish people’s Holy of Holies used to locate in the temple. Holy of Holies, God’s residence, was a niche built according to God’s will. After the temple was destroyed, the location of Holy of Holies remains uncertain. To prevent Jewish people’s neglectful entrance, they are banned to climb the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount is always the direction which Jewish people face to when they are praying. In the initial period of Islam’s establishment, Muslim used to pray facing to the Temple Mount. Afterwards, Mohammed received God’s new decree and changed their direction into Mecca.

Dome of the Rock

It’s one of the oldest Masjids in the world and the most representative signal of Jerusalem. In 1994, Dome of the Rock was covered with 24k pure gold leaf weighting 176 pounds following a donation of 6.5 million US dollars by King Hussein of Jordan. Its wall was bricked up with marbles and decorated with some Arabia patterns tiled with colored mosaics. On the wall, there are Koran words decorated by colored mosaics.

It is said that the white rock in temple is the spot where Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God. Further, it’s the spot where Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by an angel. Birel-Arwah situated under the rock is called as “Well of Souls”, which is the center of the world according to legend.

Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa is a sinuous road in Jerusalem. Jesus carried the cross along the road to the execution and experienced 14 things. Therefore, Via Dolorosa has 14 stations. For a Christian, this is the devoutest pilgrimage road.

The Dead Sea

It’s the haven for landlubbers

It’s the lowest elevation on land surface you can lie down

It’s a place disseminating natural magic


Come to Dolpin Reef

Have an intimate contact with free-ranging dolphins

Come to the holiday paradise on the southernmost Israel. Here, you can wait peacefully for the purple light appearing on the sky of the Red Sea in dusk, and you can enjoy the world-famous coral reef as well as diving 30 meters into the sea to explore the deep-water shipwrecks. Moreover, you can go fishing on the sea by yacht and taste local good wine on the yacht.

Tel Aviv

Economic and cultural centre of Israel

‘aviv tel’

‘A city that never stops’

Here, you can pass from an Israeli high-tech modern city to an ancient city where human beings residential history appeared five thousand years ago in one day.

In Israel, you can follow footprints from Moses to Jesus, to experience the coexistence of the Judaism, Christianity and Islam. You can widen your horizon in the world-leading technology and energy research center. You can visit the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. What’s more, you can go to Massacre Memorial Hall to honor the memory of the history and go to the Dead Sea to feel the magical nature.

Lastly, you will find that this modern country is totally different from the Israel you hear from news.