Israel Commerce Union

When creativity and ability come together

Israel Commerce Union Co., Ltd. (“ISCU”) is officially headquartered in Hong Kong in 2016. ISCU is devoted to providing resources matching channels with strategic values, penetrating market research and project feasibility study.
With the support of Chinese local governments,Embassy of Israel in Beijing,Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou,and trusted and boosted by Israeli enterprises, ISCU continues serving as a “bridge between China and Israel” in the business world.
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Tourism and Culture Department

ISCU builds up an excellent platform for the culture and art exchanges between Israel and China. The Discovery Trip unveils the beauty of mysterious Israel, facilitating wine, diamond and innovative sectors-related exchanges and studies, and cultural and art exchanges.

Technology Department

ISCU helps bring together outstanding resources in the Chinese and Israeli markets, including Israeli Hi-Tech products and technologies, advanced agricultural technologies, R&D of alternative energies and new materials, leading medical achievements and IT system applications.

International Commerce Department

With its excellent experience of helping parties of various business projects communicate with one another, and its professional personnel, ISCU has always been committed to helping create business cooperation between Chinese governments and private companies and their Israeli counterparts.

Secretariat Department

ISCU currently has set up a secretariat office in Guangzhou, establishing itself as a professional service provider with core competitive advantages.Also, ISCU assisting Israeli companies in entering and penetrating Chinese Market.

Following Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou is the third biggest city in terms of economic importance in China. The city’s economic mostly driven by such high and new technological industries as robots, clean energies and biotechnologies.

“Chinese Intelligence” is highly anticipated as one of the major points of support to boost new industries and new technologies. Well-entrenched in the frontier of China’s reform and opening up undertakings and as a traditional manufacturing-intensive province, Guangdong province has been exploring solutions to and engaged in endeavors addressing such a challenge: how to integrate traditional strengths with new technologies to create new competitive edges? Under such circumstances, ISCU serves as a booster helping the business community in Guangdong take innovative initiatives under the “new normal”.

Israel is a world leader in scientific research. In 2012, scientific research spending accounted for 4.2% of the country’s GDP, the highest among OECD members. Israel’s per capita scientific research spending hit USD 1,305, also a rather high level among OECD members. There are 135 scientists and engineers in every 10,000 Israelis, far above the U.S. (85) and topping all other countries in the world.

Meanwhile, Israel also boasts the biggest number of per capita startups in the world. Israeli scientists’ theses represent 1% of the theses published by scientific and technological periodicals across the world. In terms of per capital scientific and technological theses and per capita academic citations, Israel ranks in the 3rd and 4th places respectively in the world.  

According to ISCU’s investigations, among the investment plans of Chinese investors in Israel, investments in the Hi-Tech field are accelerating, while Hi-Tech firms are becoming the biggest beneficiary among companies with foreign investments in Israel.